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How to set a Free Product instead of Coupon?

The product you want to give away needs to be set to zero cost in your Shopify >> Products ( 0$ ).

To set up a slice / coupon where customer can win a FREE GIFT instead of a discounts, please do the follow:

Click on "Campaigns" and then click the "EDIT" on your Campaign card.

2.Click the tab "Coupon Slices".

From the list of Coupons click the "pencil" icon on the one that you want to change.

In the modal click the dropdown menu and select "HTML Link" option.

Set your text that gets shown on the slices.

Insert the full URL link to your FREE PRODUCT

Hit "Save" and then "Save Changes" in your Campaign as well.

That's all :)

Updated on: 05/10/2021

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